Wednesday, July 18, 2007

MaternityCard - Get Insured for Your Pregnancy

Click here to learn moreIt is estimated that over 50% of all pregnant women are uninsured, and the cost of maternity health expenses can be staggering for those paying out of pocket. MaternityCard provides a solution for uninsured, expecting mothers, saving them as much as 60% off their maternity bills. Best of all, you can get all the benefits of Maternity Card PPO even after you are already pregnant!

Maternity Card PPO guarantees to save our customers money on maternity bills, including:

• Doctor Visits
• Hospital Stays
• Lab Work
• Sonograms
• 24 Hour Counseling
• 24 Hour Nurse Hotline
• Anesthesiologist
• Pre Natal Vitamins
• Newborn Tests and checkups
• Immunizations
• Prescription Coverage

Plus virtually all other healthcare associated with your pregnancy!

MaternityCard PPO will provides you with a totally comprehensive maternity program. Our program includes EVERYTHING related to your maternity care. And remember, our Certificate of Guarantee that you will save at least the cost of your yearly membership or we will pay you the difference plus $200 and you get to keep the benefits for an additional 12 months free of charge.

Monday, July 2, 2007

Software to Enhance Your English Grammar & Writing

Enable your plain sentences to become more sophisticated and professional. Using unique, patented Natural Language Processing technology, WhiteSmoke suggests context-based synonyms from its vast database and synonym dictionary. In addition, this editing software checks and corrects English grammar and spelling, and helps you write with proper punctuation. All of this, for all styles of writing - business writing, legal, medical, creative, and more.

Enhance your writing with:
  • English grammar check
  • Thesaurus
  • Spell check
  • Proper punctuation
  • Text enrichment
  • Synonym dictionary
  • English grammar corrector
  • Punctuation corrections
  • Adjectives & adverbs
  • Idiom Dictionary
Ideal writing software for:
  • Legal documents
  • Medical reports
  • Essay writing
  • Business e-mails
  • Business plans
  • Presentations
  • Creative writing
  • Proofreading