Saturday, September 8, 2007

Discount Dental Plans

Join any dental plan today and get 3 additional months of coverage FREE!

Discount dental plans are designed for individuals, families and groups looking to save money on their dental care needs. Participating dental care providers have agreed to accept a discounted fee from plan members as payment-in-full for services performed. As a plan member, you simply show your membership card when visiting any participating plan provider to receive dental services at discounted fees.

Why Join a Discount Dental Plan with

Joining a discount dental plan will allow you to save money on quality dental care. Protect and preserve your family's smile and overall health with one of our popular family plans. Our qualified Customer Service Representatives will assist you in finding the right plan and participating provider in your area.

Some of the many benefits of our discount dental plans include:

• Savings of 10% to 60% on most dental procedures
• Choose from 100,000+ participating dentists in more than 30 combined regional and national dental networks
• Immediate online enrollment and quick plan activation
• Easy-to-use search tools and plan comparison charts
• Qualified Customer Service Representatives to assist you
• No unnecessary paperwork hassles
• Discounts on dental specialties available with most plans
• No health restrictions

These are just a few of the ways we save America money on quality dental care … one smile at a time!

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Wednesday, July 18, 2007

MaternityCard - Get Insured for Your Pregnancy

Click here to learn moreIt is estimated that over 50% of all pregnant women are uninsured, and the cost of maternity health expenses can be staggering for those paying out of pocket. MaternityCard provides a solution for uninsured, expecting mothers, saving them as much as 60% off their maternity bills. Best of all, you can get all the benefits of Maternity Card PPO even after you are already pregnant!

Maternity Card PPO guarantees to save our customers money on maternity bills, including:

• Doctor Visits
• Hospital Stays
• Lab Work
• Sonograms
• 24 Hour Counseling
• 24 Hour Nurse Hotline
• Anesthesiologist
• Pre Natal Vitamins
• Newborn Tests and checkups
• Immunizations
• Prescription Coverage

Plus virtually all other healthcare associated with your pregnancy!

MaternityCard PPO will provides you with a totally comprehensive maternity program. Our program includes EVERYTHING related to your maternity care. And remember, our Certificate of Guarantee that you will save at least the cost of your yearly membership or we will pay you the difference plus $200 and you get to keep the benefits for an additional 12 months free of charge.

Monday, July 2, 2007

Software to Enhance Your English Grammar & Writing

Enable your plain sentences to become more sophisticated and professional. Using unique, patented Natural Language Processing technology, WhiteSmoke suggests context-based synonyms from its vast database and synonym dictionary. In addition, this editing software checks and corrects English grammar and spelling, and helps you write with proper punctuation. All of this, for all styles of writing - business writing, legal, medical, creative, and more.

Enhance your writing with:
  • English grammar check
  • Thesaurus
  • Spell check
  • Proper punctuation
  • Text enrichment
  • Synonym dictionary
  • English grammar corrector
  • Punctuation corrections
  • Adjectives & adverbs
  • Idiom Dictionary
Ideal writing software for:
  • Legal documents
  • Medical reports
  • Essay writing
  • Business e-mails
  • Business plans
  • Presentations
  • Creative writing
  • Proofreading

Monday, May 28, 2007

Bank of Internet

Bank of InternetBank of Internet is an online bank and provides service to customers throughout the United States. What separates it from other online banks is our personal attention to our customers, low, low fees, great rates and a full line of valuable services.

Their home equity loans are the most competitive in the industry and they do not charge the borrower closing costs, points or application fees. Bank of Internet is not burdened with the overhead of physical locations and high advertising costs, allowing us to pass these savings on to you. This means lower payments for the customers in the rising rate environment. They offer consumers with good to great credit a variety of customized home equity loans through our quick online application.

Bank of Internet's Checking Accounts
·Interest Earning Checking Account – As High As 3.75%
·ATM Reimbursement
·Free Unlimited Bill Pay
·Free Checks
·ATM Reimbursement

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Wednesday, April 4, 2007

LifeLock : Protect Your Identity

By now you've heard the stories about individuals whose identities have been stolen by identity thieves. They're not pretty stories…people working for hundreds of hours over many years to get their lives back in order, even innocent individuals ending up in jail. LifeLock protects against this ever happening to you. Guaranteed. Up to $1 million.

LifeLock doesn't just report unauthorized use of your credit information, we prevent it by working with the top four credit bureaus to make sure you're contacted to approve any credit transaction before it takes place. We also remove your name from pre-approved credit card offers and junk-mail lists, where identity theft often gets started.

They are the leaders in proactive identity theft protection as you've probably seen in coverage in The Wall Street Journal and Chicago Tribune, and on MSNBC, CNN, and many other national news outlets. We're so sure of our system our CEO confidently publishes his own Social Security number in all our ads.

If your credit isn't proactively protected, you're at risk. You simply can't afford to wait until someone takes your identity, especially when LifeLock can set up a very affordable, guaranteed system of proactive identity theft prevention in just a few hours.

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