Wednesday, April 4, 2007

LifeLock : Protect Your Identity

By now you've heard the stories about individuals whose identities have been stolen by identity thieves. They're not pretty stories…people working for hundreds of hours over many years to get their lives back in order, even innocent individuals ending up in jail. LifeLock protects against this ever happening to you. Guaranteed. Up to $1 million.

LifeLock doesn't just report unauthorized use of your credit information, we prevent it by working with the top four credit bureaus to make sure you're contacted to approve any credit transaction before it takes place. We also remove your name from pre-approved credit card offers and junk-mail lists, where identity theft often gets started.

They are the leaders in proactive identity theft protection as you've probably seen in coverage in The Wall Street Journal and Chicago Tribune, and on MSNBC, CNN, and many other national news outlets. We're so sure of our system our CEO confidently publishes his own Social Security number in all our ads.

If your credit isn't proactively protected, you're at risk. You simply can't afford to wait until someone takes your identity, especially when LifeLock can set up a very affordable, guaranteed system of proactive identity theft prevention in just a few hours.

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